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The AKNS is to the understanding of movement and space, what the invention of the musical score was for the notation of the harmony and rhythm of sound.

The "Absolute Kinegraphic Notation System" (AKNS) is three dimensional notations (systems), originally developed in 1983 primarily for purely aesthetic endeavours (Absolute Video = Analogue Video Noise restructured for Pure Art Films). The prohibitively high cost of analogue studio facilities, militated against any possibility for developing concepts from the AKNS onto film then! Over the intervening years as computing technologies have matured, I have continued to casually monitor developments in computing technology with regards to the demands of AKNS.


A few major things have changed all this of late;-

    1. The internet and in particular the World Wide Web, now allows the AKNS to be electronically distributed across the world specifically to those that would be most interested.

    2. The rise of the Java {trademark of Sun Soft} open object-oriented programming language. With Java for the first time since the developement of the AKNS you now have the critical mass of popular expertise with a language democratic and flexible enough to realise my hopes for the AKNS.

    3. VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) as a popularly accepted non-proprietary standard for 3D forms and movements. Large part of any development cost for the AKNS five years ago would have been the custom construction of a description intermediary such as VRML, which any developer now would be wise to use as-is, instead of reinventing it all over again.

    4. The last major technical obstacle to the popularisation of the AKNS was a domestic delivery and publishing technology. With MPEG digital video compression standard and recently released domestic CDROM / DVD burners, cottage industry creation of pure video works is no longer an implausible dream.


AKNS Version 2.3 (July-2017) superseding ALL previous versions of AKNS documentation with many enhancements has been reordered, reflecting a more rigorous,efficient while conversely elaborate notation system .further details here ....


Licence Agreement    featuring ; ...

  • user agreement not to distort, alter, or rename ideographs, concept and defined terms within 'AKNS'.
  • free but limited permission given for; non-profit viewing / transmission, personal / private use.
  • contacts for commercial copyright permission.
  • NOTE: The author is sympathetic with the Open Source movement. Thus proposal to include AKNS (or parts of) in Open Source strategies of software development & dissemination may receive favourably consideration.

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Download ... AKNS 2.3   (1.74 Megs) here.
Because of the intrinsically graphic nature of the AKNS the full documentation is provided as a PDF (Portable Document Files). You can download a
FREE Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, HERE suitable for most system.
         Or slightly smaller the pdf as a
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Albert Einstein stressed
"a new idea cannot be successful if it does not seem crazy when expressed for the first time"


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