Strategic Thinker, Futurologist,
Political Activist & Consultant


    Over the years I have worked on many analysis, papers & reports, both within Government Federal & State, as well as a Political Activist. Linked below is a collection of some of the more currently relevant examples of my work in various place on the web.

Strategic Thinking

    • " Razoos : An Equitable Electronic Road Pricing or Congestion Rationing Model."
      How to end traffic jams, raise funds, and make the public happy, all at the same time!

    • The need for " Free Knowledge Objects "
      Beyond the debate of Closed Proprietary Code versus Free & Open Source Software for reason of justice, equity and safety other paradigms are also desperately needed.
      "Information may want to be free, but a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing."

    • " A Green Philosophy of Chaotic Hope "
      A collaborative project to grow a just and ecologically aware philosophical foundation for the World's future.

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Activist / Political & Consultant

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