Absolute Kinegraphic Notation System© Version 2.2 .
This latest version { Superseding ALL Previous Versions} of the AKNS documentation
 is nearly identical in described functionality as to the previous 2.0 &2.1 version of AKNS. 
However a couple new ideas, some further redrafting to make it more easily readable
while cleaning up a few more content errors that exacerbated previous confusion.

Download ...AKNS 2.2 (1.53 Megs) here.
Because of the intrinsically graphic nature of the AKNS the full documentation is provided as a PDF (Portable Document Format). You can download a FREE Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, HERE http://get.adobe.com/reader/ suitable for most systems.

    Main Enhancements & Clarification in AKNS 2.2 
                Superseding Previous Versions.

    Forward:  "Why Bother with Notation?"

    Design Strategy behind AKNS
    Ghostly Legacy and the "Wilfred"

    Angles in 3D
    Compound & Complex Movements.
    Flips etceteras in 3D Space

    Three IPs

    Ideographic Plane (IP2D)

    Ideographic Purl (IP3D)

    Ideographic Pellucid (IPcrystalball)

    Non-Cubic Objects

    Other Numeral Sets, Devanagari Numerals

    Numbering Faces Not Surfaces, Polyhedral nets

    Scaffolding Options for Scoring;
    Absolute Video Sheets, Graph-Paper Free-from, Hexed CMN, Scaled CMN, Annotated Images, Current Personal Practice.

     5.  Enhancements & Clarification of AKNS2.0, 2.1 & 2.2 Superseding Previous Versions.


    Or slightly smaller the low-rez pdf (75 dpi 80% compression, only loose odd line in odd graphic) as a zip-archive  (943 KBytes) here


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