Absolute Kinegraphic Notation System© Version 2.3 .
This latest version { Superseding ALL Previous Versions} of the AKNS documentation
 is nearly identical in described functionality as to the previous 2.0 &2.1 version of AKNS. 
However a couple new ideas, some further redrafting to make it more easily readable
while cleaning up a few more content errors that exacerbated previous confusion.

Download ...AKNS 2.3 (1.74 Megs) here.
Because of the intrinsically graphic nature of the AKNS the full documentation is provided as a PDF (Portable Document Format). You can download a FREE Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, HERE http://get.adobe.com/reader/ suitable for most systems.

Or slightly smaller the low-rez pdf (75 dpi 80% compression, only loose odd line in odd graphic) as a zip-archive  (1.29 MB) here

Main Enhancements & Clarification in AKNS 2.3 
Superseding Previous Versions.

Ch:4 Complex Spaces, Ideographs to Communities

Overview of Complex Ideographs Used.
Spatial Orientation via the 3D Cubic IP

Conception of Space
Unexpected Discontinuity.
3D Performance Conventions.

Orientation of Faces in 3D
Cartesian and other Quadrants., Meanders., Zhe Specification of Face Orientation
Multiple Faces

Alternate Axis
Three IPs
Ideographic Plane (IP2D)
Purl (IP3D)
How the Purl would look seen from various faces of Pellucid if it was not a transparent ball.
Pellucid (IPcrystalball)

Non-Cubic Objects
Other Numeral Sets, Devanagari Numerals
Numbering Faces Not Surfaces, Polyhedral nets

Ch:5 Orchestrating Complexity
Mandalas, Spirals, Flats

Ch:6 3D Active Space
Benchmark Characters

Extensions to the AKNS

Scaffolding Options for Scoring; Absolute Video Sheets, Graph-Paper Free-from,
Hexed CMN, Scaled CMN, Annotated Images, Current Personal Practice.

Appendix 1: Standardized Usage of Letters / Characters & Words.
Reserved Words, Excluded, Letters, Characters, Ideographs to be Never Used, Caveat & Warning
Defined & Reserved Characters Standardized Usage

Appendixs 5:  Enhancements & Clarification of AKNS2.0 - 2.3 Superseding Previous Versions.

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