"Tower of Babel"
4/8/1995 © W'Shawn Gray,
140.0 cm(h) x 80.0 cm(w.) x 43.0 cm(d)
Unique Bronze by Lost Wax casting with Copper & Aluminium tubes, Stainless Steel
rod, bolts & washers. (circa 1980s mainframe computer Hard-Discs) Aluminium coated with Ferrous Oxide.

"To Hunt Data in Arcadia"
completed 29/12/1992  W'Shawn Gray.
 27.0 cm(h), 38.5 cm(w), 56.0 cm(d),
 Unique Bronze, Brass, Marble & Computer Hard-Discs ( Ferrous Oxide on Aluminium)

"Plutonium Tsunami" completed 20/6/2005 W'Shawn Gray.
This work a protest as to the dangers of shipping of Plutonium to, then from Japan.
82.5 cm (h) 234 cm (w) 93.0 cm (d). ~ 37 kg.
Stainless Steel sheet & bolts, Aluminium & Bronze casting. Mild Steel square bar.

"The Demise of the Cognoscenti at the Anti-Rosetta" completed 25/5/2006  W'Shawn Gray.
50.7 cm (h) 55.6 cm (w) 25.0 cm (d). 3.5 kg. Bronze, Stainless Steel bolts, Aluminium bar & casting from an automatic transmission.

"Source" completed 28/5/2006  W'Shawn Gray.
25.5 cm (h) 51.0 cm (w) 38.0 cm (d). 6.0 kg.
Bronze, Stainless Steel bolts & Aluminium torque converter casting.

"Revenge of the Desert Gods"completed 16/10/1993 W'Shawn Gray.
120.0cm (h),75.0cm (w), 85.0cm (d), ~ 15kg.
Aluminium & Bronze, bolts Stainless Steel.

Everlasting to Everywhere
An virtual exhibition of unique bronze sculptures, by me (W'Shawn Gray) .

Individual sculptures, prints or sets of the hand-tweaked computer
printed limited editions are exclusively available now from the prestigious
Artarmon Galleries

479 Pacific Hwy
Artarmon NSW 2064

Conceptual Art Works

(Virtual Reality) VR Sculptures / Worlds.

Cryogenic Vapour Locomotive.
Patent Simulacrum

With time-lines and business-cases for the most part beyond common short-term consideration another strategy to safely disseminate the discoveries made while researching Australian Options for Post-Carbon Railway Locomotives was required. Trained as a sculptor / conceptual artist the obvious answer for me then was a conceptual art-work starting with a series of fine-art print-works document the concepts.

Films, story-boards &c.

Stills from, along with the stories behind and stories of my films & videos
the first computer graphic 'Art Film' created in Australia "Spiders"  © 1996 (9 minutes),
"Symbolist Daydream" © 1977-78 (10 minutes),

"ze incomplete Tri-Lingual Sci-Fi" © .  ;-a film story-board, a poem, a comic, in English, Arabic & Chinese. Following the success of my first two experimental tapes;SYMBOLIST DAYDREAM & SPIDERS , I was subsequently invited to submit a new work to an international video festival in Amsterdam that year. Thus the Tri-Lingual Sci-Fi concept  began a life of it's own some twenty years ago now.

Any & all feedback to the author via email is most appreciated. Thanks.

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