AuzGnosis is not a consulting company. Consultants guide companies to places where others have previously trod, or they apply conventional wisdom and analysis techniques to your problem. {If you haven't yet subjected your problem to traditional professional rigour do that first, it will often deliver a safe, satisfactory out-come. Also if you contract us you won't risk being embarrassed by our request for your previous traditional analysis of the challenge.}.

If you have a (particular aesthetic, technical, or policy) quandary that has stubbornly resisted conventional analysis. Then AuzGnosis maybe (we make no promises of success) able to discover a creative solution for you. 

AuzGnosis a chance at unconventional ideas for your intractable dilemmas.

The Way This Works:

  1. You make initial contact via email outlining if your problem, challenge, quandary is not on our 'Topic Exclusion List'.
  2. We only undertake to think-about a few problems each year. AuzGnosis will within a fortnight reply as to our availability, willingness, or not, to consider your concerns and proposal.
  3. If your email catches our interest,we decide We will invite you to forward by hardcopy-post your payment and 'Soliciting Quandary' (SQ) to our legal address.  The non-refundable payment must be a cheque for $990:00 (in Australia Dollars) made out to W. Shawn Gray .{ Director & Secretary: AuzGnosis Pty. Ltd} . This is the full and only charge for us to consider your SQ.
  4. If your SQ inspires us then AuzGnosis signs then returns the contract you drafted, proceeding on that basis. Exchanging any confidential material per contracted safe-guards..


Topic Exclusion List
(stuff we find;- dull, deadening, unengaging, uninspiring, distasteful, repulsive,
abhorrent or just plain dumb & stupid)

  • Statistics &/or Accounting Practice.
  • Biology within Medicine or Veterinary Practice.
  • Criminal Law Defence.
  • Industrial Relation or Disputation.
  • Unethical Business or Advertising Ventures.
  • Offensive Weapons Systems.
  • Spamming, Internet Porn or Gambling.
  • Drugs of Addiction & Unhealthy Food Lines.
  • Uranium Fuel Cycle.
  • Personal or Relationship Issues.

Soliciting Quandary:

The "Soliciting Quandary" (SQ) will contain identical hardcopy & RTF softcopy (rich-text format) of all the following items;-

1.A non-confidential , high-level outline (less than 3000 words) of the quandary.

2. A listing of on-line resources, personages and publish reference that you consider relevant to the problem domain.

3. What resources at your disposal we may draw on to aid our investigations.

4. A copyright release for AuzGnosis to unrestrictedly use any part of the Soliciting Quandary as AuzGnosis see fit.

5. A signed contract from you to engage AuzGnosis's creativity. The contract must speak to all of the following issues;-

  • Confidentiality arrangements: facilities & requirements.
  • Recognition that anything created or authored by AuzGnosis, are exclusively copyrighted to AuzGnosis, and AuzGnosis retain all moral-rights in such works.
  • Management and sharing of Intellectual Property flowing from AuzGnosis work.
  • An indemnified unconditional free acceptance of AuzGnosis ideas. (AuzGnosis supplies ideas, with No Guarantees or Warranty.  You are totally responsible for your own judgement as to the ideas' plausibility, suitability & desirability, thence any utilisation & implementation, you may, or may not, undertake.)
  • Process Milestones. But No Deadlines! (Ideas come in their own time, not to calendar dates).
  • Acceptance of cost for supply to AuzGnosis of anything you consider necessary in investigating the quandary. (Such as, but not limited to;- Reference Text & Publications, Documentation, Models…)
  • Acceptance of business travel and business accommodation expense for two of our staff, to any events or meetings you wish us to attend.
  • Acceptance of payment for any, technology or services upgrade you desire AuzGnosis to undertake.
  • Your payment offer (including exchange rate & inflation alleviations).
  • Applicable law: Contract to be governed by the laws applicable in the State of New South Wales in the Commonwealth of Australia, and each party submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

6. Formal advise from your lawyers (at your expense) as to why the supplied contract is not in AuzGnosis best interest.

NOTE: We have better things to do in business & life than negotiating, or legal haggling of contracts. If we are inspired to accept your contract you are bound by it. If the SQ does not catch our interest, thanks for getting us to look it, but that is the end of the matter, and any legal relationship between us.


Us thinking for you. New ideas for your problems, unconventional thought process for hire. Noncovnetional thoughts by commission. Ideas maturing. Ideas got.

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