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The main activity is creative and strategic thinking, with particular emphasis on knowledge and / or spatial representation issues. If you are seeking a new perspective on your specific challenge we may be just what you are looking for.

"Sanctuary" 24/7/1992
Mild Steel, Bronze, Brass & Copper.
(h) 150.0 cm x (w) 65.0 cm x (d) 84.0 cm

Dove Shaped Cross was the symbol that the Cathars of Southern France used to inscribe on their tomb stones. The last major stronghold of the Cathars being their hilltop castle Montségur in Languedoc which fell in 1244.Dome & Balcony harking to the Fort in India (see above). Bison below. Besides folk seeking strong-points of high places like Jews at Masada, or Cathars at Montségur, 'Secret places' below have also afford Sanctuary, at least from the weather and prying eyes, like the caves in Southern France embellished with quasi-magical images of bison.
Star Constellation. On the reverse side of the bottom plate the three points that affix the Bison are positioned to represent the constellation "Sculptor" (also know as "Dorado" a type of fish) . 180º from the Southern Cross, eleven times the long axis via the Southern Celestial Pole


AuzGnosis is engaged in;-

1. Creation of works of Art.

2. Exploration & development of ideas to meet the challenges from the world now.
(then seeking others / partners that are interested in exploiting those ideas.)

3. For fee applying our unconventional thinking against your intractable dilemmas.

4. For fee performing the role of sounding-board / agent provocateur / devils advocate to your projects, plans & critiques.

5. Not forgetting, other more mundane business skills we also do .


The Absolute Kinegraphic Notation System  (AKNS) which is to the understanding of movement and space, what the invention of the musical score was for the notation of the harmony and rhythm of sound.


BTW:  As a company established on the cusp of the millennium we are quite happy working over the net, with you wherever in the world you may be.


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