Preamble, Postscript & Apologies.

This work is a hypertext outline of a skeleton / framework for "A Green Philosophy Of Chaotic Hope", to act as a bulwark against the reactionary neo-romanticism, that is now insidiously clouding society's vision. Extension and developments by others, consistent with the expanding work are most welcomed. Contribution will be either be directly incorporated or noted in links. Other criticisms will be dialogued separately until a mutually satisfactory linking is ascertained.

While the following text identifies certain concerns, then themes that may address these issues, that is not to imply that others unbeknown to me, may not already have made great strides and published insightful answers on these concerns. I am aware of the interests of David Suzuki, Paul Davis & Charles Birch mainly from interviews in the electronic media ( though I am yet to read any publications by them on the issues in this essay.) If you know that these guys or others are working with the concerns of this discourse, please could you point me to relevant works or contacts.

I am not a writer but rather a sculptor, so I am well aware that my written expressions at time can be rather dense and circulatory. Not being a philosopher my representation of the some of the following points most probably will not be technically accurate, but rather a clumsy reflection of the caricatures of third party sources that I have read on the matters in question.

To add to problems I'm dyslexic, so my apologies for any strange spelling that you may find within the text. If the spell checker says that something is a correct word somewhere in the world, there is Buckley's luck I'm going to notice that it is not the correct spelling for the word I was intending to use. Annoyingly also I do not notice omission of the odd word here and there, my mind reading what it intended to write, not what is actually on the page.

Anyway enjoy. Shaun.

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