(William) Shawn Gray
AGE: 68 years 7 months BORN: 15-1-1955 at Katoomba, NSW Australia
MARRIED: 4-12-1976, Son born July 1981
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Please note appendixes are attached for finer detail as follows
A = Education
B = Accomplishment/Exhibitions & Prizes
C = Computing & Training Experience
D = Film Experience
E = Business Systems Analyst &Expert System Officer Duties
F = IT Skills Summary

2000-Present Personal works;- VRML worlds, Stained-glass designs, drawing etc. Voluntary political work & policy research.

February 2000 'Quality and Cyberspace' article in "The Quality Magazine" pages 14-17 of February 2000 Vol.9 Num.1, (the official publication of Australian Quality Council & Quality Society of Australasia). Available at

25-5-99 Designed & produced website for AuzGnosis.

13-5-1999 As Director & Secretary established family company AuzGnosis Pty. Ltd. ACN 087569391 to engage in the business of;- "Consultation, conceptionalization, and realization of programs, structures, images & systems."

19-7-1994 / 24-6-1999 Business Systems Analyst, Business Systems Analysis Section (CSO4). {made redundant from Roads and Traffic Authority }
[see appendix 'E & A'].

1990-1994 26-6-1990 Expert System Officer, Planning and Quality (CSO4).[see appendix 'E, A&C'].

1989-1990 31-5-1989 Commenced with Roads and Traffic Authority as a Planning & Control Officer (CSO2).

1989 Part-Time Lecturing Penrith T.A.F.E. Advanced Basic.

1989-1984 CSO1 & ASO2-3 (31-7-84 Transferred to the) Computer Services Branch of the Australian Bureau of Statistics [see appendix 'A&C'] .

1987 Did 'Training Skills Course' from National Trainer Training Service.

1986 Attendance of AUSGRAPH86

1986-1985 Freelance illustrations of the 'Primary Science Course' books being published by Cambridge University Press

1984 Commenced giving visiting lectures at N.S.W.I.T. on 'Aesthics for Computer Graphics'.
Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) Conversion, Sydney College of Advanced Education. Albion Avenue Paddington.

1983 Attendance of GRAPHICS83.

1983-1982 Freelance illustrations of the 'Science Exercises, Language Conscious Junior Science' books published by Heinemann Education Australia.

1981 23-2-1981 entered the Australian Bureau of Statistics as a Clerk Class1 then 2/3 doing Education and Other Social Censuses.

1980 Freelance , Casual & temporary jobs doing Typography, Sculpture, Illustration, Film work, Storeman & Packing, while seeking permanent employment. My films were included on overseas tours [see app. B]. Co-wrote outlines for Sci-Fi project 'The Light Begins'. After working at ATN7 I did the 'Introduction to 16mm. Film' course ran by The Open Programme of The Australian Film and T.V. School' North Ryde.

1979 From 18-12-1978 to 12-1-1979 I was commissioned to oversee the initial stages of the mural project on 'Tank 115' at the Total Oil Refinery, Matraville.
From 30-3-1979 till November 79. employed by the Church of England, Board of Education, Diocese of Sydney on designing, illustrating & layout of the Boards publications.

1978 Engaged in freelance jobs like a series of title pages for the University of N.S.W. Students' Union Alternative Handbook 1978, while also doing sculpture & paintings at home. In November the Creative Development Branch of the Australian Film Commission awarded a grant to complete my film 'SYMBOLIST DAYDREAM' (commenced early 1977)

1977 From December 1976, to January, I designed a Spiderweb sculpture for siting in the Festival of Sydney's Haymarket area. On the 18-4-1977 till the season end I was employed with Hanna-Barbera as an Assistant Animator.

1976-1973 Tertiary education at National Art School, East Sydney Technical College then the School of Art, Alexander Mackie C.A.E. During my final year, I made the computergraphic film 'SPIDER' [see appendix 'D']

1972-1967 Secondary education at Hurstville Boys' High School

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BSA & ESO work

IT Skills Sum.

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