Post-Carbon Australian Options for Railway Locomotives

(or what industry can do when it can no-longer burn fossil fuels.)




An Australian focused quest for workable Carbon Neutral Railway Locomotive options. Commonly as was the case for most technology in past times it is consistently assumed that the global answers to Peak Oil & Climate Change for land transportation will be suitable for Australia. Unfortunately for the increasingly arid future that Australia faces the current international research trajectories WILL NOT be of any use addressing the land transport crisis that will cripple sparse arid countries such as this great southern land.

As of 5 January 2014 this current stable set of somewhat innovative proposal (including mud-maps for further investigation, construction, testing thence commercial production to deployment) are unlike to develop much further without outside assistance. For after five years research I am no-longer free to continue these tasks alone.

Folio:g Germinal Material, The executive summary is followed by a detailed discussion of the environmental, sociological and technological issue that prompted this research work. Exploring the transportation challenges, in and beyond this new century, from the double-whammy of Peak Oil plus Climate Change. Thence outlining of current trends complimented by this projects aims.

Folio:t Technical Material, Review of relevant aspect of railway development history. Followed by most of the heavier design and mechanical engineering concerns framing this project's technical outputs.
Warning it has been assumed that readers of this Technical Folio will have previously read and understood the preceding Folio:g. [above]

Open Questions Arising from, Definitionally an incomplete, undeveloped brainstorming of potential research offering flowing from my quest to conceive future Carbon Neutral Railway Locomotive options suitable for Australia.

For those folk unfamiliar with the PDF (Portable Document Format) that the document is provided in, (if you do not already have one) you will need to download a PDF reader such as the
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suitable for most systems.

Folio:c Confidential Technical Detail,
(Technical Materials that are Subject to Non-disclosure Agreements.)
Personal working notes of aspects still in flux, 3 to 6 nebulous patents.

If interested please email the author.

With time-lines and business-cases for the most part beyond common short-term consideration another strategy to safely disseminate this work was required. Trained as a sculptor / conceptual artist the obvious answer for me then was a conceptual art-work starting with a series of fine-art print-works document the concepts.

Cryogenic Vapour Locomotive. Patent Simulacrum

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