W.Shawn Gray: Curriculum Vitae.


Born Katoomba NSW. Australia


Matriculated from Hurstville Boys High for entry into all Australia Universities.
1st level Art, 1st level Science (Physics & Chemistry). Pass in General Studies, 2nd. level Full Mathematics, 2nd. level English.


Scholarship for fees to the National Art School,


Diploma in Art, (Major Sculpture) National Art School, East Sydney Tech.
then Alexander Mackie CAE.


    Exhibited paintings, sold sculptures at; St. Georges Gallery.
    Exhibited paintings at; 'Upstairs Gallery' at the Sydney City Festival.

1976 Nov.,

Completed ‘Spiders’ Australia’s first digital computer generated fine-art film,


my filmSpiders’;

Highly Commended, at the First National Youth Film Festival, N.S.W. 10-15 Jan. 1977.
rd prize at Computer Graphic Art Competition of New Zealand Computer Conference, Auckland 1977


Symbolist Daydreamcompleted with grant from
Creative Development Branch the Australian Film Commission.


Assistant Animator at Hanna-Barbera.


Exhibited bronzes at Settlers Gallery, Paddington.

1978 Dec,

Concieved design for 'Tank 115' Mural project at the Total Oil Refinery, Matraville.

1978 ~

Freelance illustrating & prop-making jobs
 “Garbage Warsstaring John English. Sir John Kerr (& co) plastic ducks for Naked Vicar Show.

Invited to do a third film for Europe which stalled with then translation obstacles. Storyboard zeincomplete
Tri-Lingual Sci-Fi
here http://www.auzgnosis.com/tri-ling-scifi/all3/tlsf.htm


1979 Biennial N.S.W. Art Gallery,exhibited 'Symbolist Daydream' & 'Spiders';
As films with the Sydney Experimental Film Group, (of Filmmakers Co-op).

Videotapes of Symbolist Daydream' & 'Spiders' included as part of a collection of Australian Video Art then included in another collection organised by Stephen Jones & Bernice Murphy on behave of the (Australian Gallery Directors Council).
The collection was exhibited as follows :

"Video Tapes from Australia in North America" exhibited "Kitchen Center for Video and Music"
New York Nov.1979 "Los Angles Institute of Contemporary Art", 15 Dec 1979.- 18
of Jan1980 "Video Inn", Vancouver, Canada, March 1980


Project 30 Some recent Australian Videotapes May-June1980 Art Gallery of NSW.

Videotapes dall'Australia, La Biennale di Venezia, Italy; July 1980

1980 ~ 1982 Tour of regional galleries
beginning at Ewing Gallery, University of Melbourne to NSW Art Gallery


Co-developed ‘The Light Begins’ Science Fiction concept.


Joined ‘Australian Bureau of Statisticsas Analysis/Programer, User Support & Training.


Bachelor of Arts Conversion, Sydney College of Advanced Education.


Visiting lecturer at NSWIT / UTS, on ‘Aesthetics for Computer Graphics’.


Part-Time lecturer 'Advanced Basic' Penrith TAFE.


Bronzes & metal sculpture on consignment to Artarmon Galleries, Artarmon, NSW.

1989 to
24 June 1999

Moved to ‘Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW, Planning & Control Branch
 as the Expert System Officer(aka Knowledge Engineer) then Business Systems Analyst.

1995 Sept.,

Tower of Babelexhibited Sculpture Societies ExhibitionLatest Works”
at NSW State Parliament House.

1995 Dec.,

Solo exhibition “To Hunt Data in Arcadiaat Urban Exile Gallery, Newtown as well as virtual showWorld Wide Web.

1996 Jan.,

My sculpture Tower of Babel’ included in “The Temple of the Third Millennium” show at Urban Exile Gallery.

13 May 1999.,

Established family company AuzGnosis Pty. Ltd. ACN 087569391 for business of;
Consultation, conceptionalization, and realization of programs, structures, images and systems

2000 Feb.,

Quality and Cyberspacearticle in "The Quality Magazine" February 2000 Vol.9 Num.1,
(of Australian Quality Council & Quality Society of Australasia).
Also at http://www.auzgnosis.com/qal_arcl.htm

10-8-2000 ~

Invited, then participated as part of a 26 international artist judging panel for the online University Gallery. uniservity.net being a UK wide semi-government website for students of all British Universities.

Feb. 2000 to July 2001,

  ‘Dusk among the Rusty Megalithswinning submission in the
Universal Media World Altering Contest in conjunction with SigGraph2001.


Postcards for Global Greens, Canberra ACT

2001 Nov.

The ANZAC's Uneaseat/in “Intersculpt 2001: Sculpture for a Virtual World
The College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at The University of Cincinnati.

Essay ‘Aesthetics of Computer Graphicspublished by “Pixxelpoint2001(November)
International Computer Art Festival, City Gallery of Nova Gorica, Slovenia at the show on web

2003 April, 

Absolute Kinegraphic Notation System 2.0 (AKNS)completed and published
on the web at http://www.auzgnosis.com/akns/akns.htm (Started 1983-1985) 

The AKNS is to the understanding of movement and space, what the invention
of the musical score was for the notation of the harmony and rhythm of sound.


High Tech. Yuppy, Marathon, Virtual Reality, Karma, at The Artist Deli, Bowral.

2006 Nov.

painting ‘Sacrifice to the Gnomes of New York “The Illustrator’s Show” by
The Red Show at The Blaxland Bar


To Hunt Data in Arcadia’ & ‘Tower of Babel’ at The Artist Deli, Bowral, NSW

2007 ~ 2012

Illustrated children’s book “My Grandma Talks to Teddy Bears”

2008 ~ 2019

Researching Future carbon neutral options for Australian locomotives.” on line at
Nov 2013.

Followed by Cryogenic Vapour Locomotive. Patent Simulacrumconceptual art-work
completed 15-03-2017) on line at http://www.auzgnosis.com/pgs/cvl=prnts.htm

2010 April,

Solar Progress: Renewable Energy for Australia. The On-Line Journal of the Australian
Solar Energy Society
(Wooroloo 6558) published my vision of Auz’s railways future,
Down by the heliostats early in the morning.

18 Nov. 2010,

Pitch-Kleur” A Quest to Map Pitch to Visuals

2010 Dec,,

Post Industrial Labor& ‘Stressin “Restriction Show”
at the
Polymorph Art Gallery (Level 1 7/82 Enmore Rd Newtown Sydney 2042)

6 Nov. 2010 to
17 Mar. 2011

 Behring Institute for Medical Research. "Placebos for Art".
(online but not downloadable https://issuu.com/egbg/docs/placebosreport_hq_print )
They chose to use my email WShawnG chat for their penultimate summation.

June 2018

The 15th Hutchins Australian Contemporary Art Prize 2018 Finalists’ Exhibition.
Folio2: Sheet#14δ5/9 {HORSE [Heuristic Operational Resource Supply Enabler]}
Folio2: Sheet#15δ7/9 {
Power Transfer Architectures, Embodiment 1~4}


Down by the heliostats early in the morning.” Sheet#42 [aka 16]  A2 prints x10.


"Vous perdez toujours”(You always lose.) Sheet#17   B2 prints x10.

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